Procurement Teams Face Multiple Challenges

Suboptimal negotiations

Growing cost of unused SaaS apps

Unanticipated renewals

Multiple vendor engagements

Inefficient budgeting and forecasting

No visibility into SaaS usage

Unified Platform for AI Enabled Financial Intelligence

Spend more time delivering value to IT by optimizing SaaS spends effectively.

Save costs by gaining insights into application usage and effectively negotiating contract renewals.

Track and plan renewals from a centralized platform while focussing on strategy and consolidation.

First month free. No credit card required, no software to download.

Transform The Way Procurement Handles SaaS Renewals

Boost Cost Savings

  • Purchase adequate number of licenses
  • Consolidate duplicate subscriptions
  • Have informed renewal negotiations

Centralize Tracking and Control

  • Track all upcoming renewals
  • Prioritize critical renewals
  • Budget and forecast accurately

Establish Strong Partnerships

  • Maintain strong vendor relationships
  • Build trust with IT and finance
  • Institute strong business rapport