CloudNuro Key Features

Application Catalog and Contract Management

CloudNuro allows businesses to discover and manage their entire SaaS inventory from a single command centre. The platform provides administrative features to analyse terms, renew, track pricing, and outline expiration dates for SaaS contracts. 

Software Inventory and Usage Management

The CloudNuro dashboard allows users to view the organization’s entire SaaS inventory in one place and allows them to manage the entire SaaS life cycle from deployment to retirement from a single command centre.

CloudNuro’s application discovery feature identifies and displays any newly identified application on the dashboard along with a list of under-used applications, allowing stakeholders to track un-sanctioned applications for usage and cost and to take consolidation decisions based on usage insights. 

Dashboards and Visibility

CloudNuro’s dashboard presents all important management KPIs in a single place, share insights with stakeholders in an efficient way, and empowers the management to make quick and data-driven decisions based on the latest information on a clean, interactive screen.

CloudNuro’s SaaS metrics dashboard serves all usage and cost data in one centralized space, eliminating the need for logging into different applications or platforms to source the required insights. CloudNuro provides a single pane of glass visibility over a company’s full range of SaaS solutions. 

Spend and Usage Tracking

CloudNuro provides the ability to track spending on all SaaS applications. This tracking can be done across departments and is completely automated with minimal/no data entry.

CloudNuro tracks the number of SaaS licenses in use. This provides businesses with the ability to track the number of applications in use and how often they are being utilized.

CloudNuro provides rich interactive reports outlining application utilization and subscription costs over a period of time. It also tracks and reports any unsanctioned application in use within the organization. 

Spend Forecasting and Optimization

CloudNuro’s insights section lists important application details such as application ownership by user and department along with a number of users, allowing IT admins to collaborate with application owners and relevant departments before making any subscription level changes for any application.

This section also details the monthly and yearly costs incurred, application-wise, along with renewal dates and last used dates for stakeholders to analyse spend patterns, make timely and informed renewal decisions and track and consolidate possible duplicate and unused applications.

In addition, businesses can leverage CloudNuro’s AI capability to predict future renewal costs, allowing for accurate forecasts and budgets. 

License Provisioning and Access Control

CloudNuro provides the functionality to provision and de-provision licenses for end-users from the central command centre saving administrators the trouble of logging into each application separately and performing provisioning/de-provisioning tasks. The dashboard provides administrative control over individual users and department wise access to SaaS licenses. 

Shadow IT detection and redundant app discovery

Shadow IT or non-sanctioned IT, adds risk to the business, and employees are typically the weak link. With the use of unsanctioned applications and devices in the organization, there is a risk of vulnerabilities being introduced into the business infrastructure, and without IT oversight, the root-cause of any breach is often very difficult to find.

CloudNuro’s AI-Enabled Cloud platform helps discover Shadow It applications, reduce Shadow IT Risk and Improve Security and Compliance.

CloudNuro has an inbuilt feature to discover applications being used organization-wide. This helps IT administrators discover, analyse and identify redundant applications which may have similar feature sets. This may be done by surveying users about preferred applications, choosing between apps offering similar features, measuring application utilization and costs to help eliminate unnecessary and costly apps allowing businesses to maximize ROI from their Cloud Investment.