SaaS Solutions by Persona

Persona: CIO

The emergence of a vast number of SaaS offerings, and the ability for business units to deploy SaaS apps with limited IT support, has been the root cause of the ever-increasing challenges CIOs face today.

  1. Today’s CIO’s face an ever-increasing challenge of centralized control of the company’s IT infrastructure.
  2. The increasing loss of IT control limits the capability of CIOs to review offerings and vendor portfolios, increasing risks to the organization.
  3. Today, business units make IT purchases where CIOs may be completely uninvolved, often ignoring important aspects such as service availability levels and long-term pricing.
  4. Duplicate, conflicting, under-used and unused SaaS applications lead to spending leaks that may impact the IT budget adversely
  5. Compliance is a big risk for today’s CIO. Increased SaaS proliferation raises questions around compliance, integration, data privacy and security.

Even if a CIO has limited visibility and involvement in SaaS purchases, he/she is still responsible for the ever-growing SaaS portfolio and the consequences of shadow IT purchases.

CloudNuro helps solve each of these problems while controlling costs and maximizing the return on investments

Take control of IT Infrastructure

  • CloudNuro provides visibility into the organization’s entire SaaS inventory from a single dashboard.
  • CloudNuro’s “Application Discovery” feature discovers all SaaS apps (sanctioned and unsanctioned) used within the organization.
  • CloudNuro’s “Application Intelligence Engine” applies AI rules to analyse the SaaS applications and identifies duplicate, conflicting, unused and under-used ones for CIOs to make informed decisions and take control of their SaaS inventory right from the start

Plug spending leaks with increased visibility

  • CloudNuro helps identify unused and unutilized applications from an organization’s SaaS inventory allowing CIOs to plug recurring spend leakages
  • CloudNuro’s usage insight provides an opportunity for CIO’s to attempt a consolidation of apps having similar features, thereby controlling costs.
  • Using the data, the CIO can effectively control the costs, maximize the return on their investments and possibly reap the greatest cloud benefits
  • CloudNuro supports on-demand provisioning and de-provisioning of users to Cloud apps to optimize licence costs
  • Increased visibility enables CIO’s to define an effective Cost Management strategy, the plan spends and accurately predicts a cost upsurge if any.

Improve Compliance and security and reduce risks

  • With CloudNuro, CIOs are better enabled to strategize policies around centralized monitoring, auditing and reporting and compliance
  • With increased visibility, CIOs can define and enforce effective Operation management policies, Security Baselines, Risk Management policies and Compliance and Regulation policies.
  • CloudNuro’s “Application Intelligence Engine” applies AI rules to analyse parameters like application Security ratings and enterprise adoption levels to provide insights to help CIOs make informed decisions to minimize the organizations risk exposure


Persona: CFO

Multiple strategic motives such as reducing time to market, scalability, agility, innovation and cost savings are compelling organizations to move the majority of their workloads to the cloud. Learning how to accurately manage and report on SaaS in the environment is a key strategy for today’s CFOs to stop SaaS costs from spiralling out of control.

SaaS apps are easy to procure and implement and are often more affordable than traditional on-premise software. While it is expected that increased SaaS proliferation should lead to significant savings, most companies end up overspending on SaaS licenses, often without even realizing they’re doing so.

  1. CFOs have little or no visibility into the organization’s SaaS inventory. This often obstructs any efforts towards optimization of spends by eliminating redundant, unutilized or underutilized subscriptions.
  2. CFOs are unable to track and address the issue of sub-optimal use of existing SaaS Licences, primarily due to lack of visibility into their usage.
  3. Due to limited or no insight into application usage, CFO’s have limited information to effectively negotiate renewal contracts
  4. In most cases, SaaS renewals are not tracked centrally, making it difficult for CFOs to predict and accurately forecast and budget for the future.

Due to uncontrolled SaaS proliferation, today’s CFO is in crisis mode. Without remedial measures, this crisis can quickly magnify.

The modern CFO needs modern tools to control costs, plug spending leaks and accurately forecast for the future.

  • CloudNuro’s “Application Intelligence Engine” uses AI rules to analyse the organization application inventory and provides valuable insights, allowing CFO’s to mandate consolidation of apps having similar features, thereby controlling costs.
  • CloudNuro’s “Application Discovery” feature helps identify unsanctioned apps along with un-utilized and under-utilized ones. This provides an opportunity for the CFO to mandate optimization of costs by consolidation or cancellation where necessary.
  • CloudNuro has the capability to report on cost and usage by department allowing for increased accountability.
  • CloudNuro provides metrics for CFOs to understand the recurring expense streams, renewal schedules, invoicing and contract details and at the same time reduces risks associated with error-prone manual processes
  • Increased visibility enables CFO’s to plan spends and accurately forecast and budget for the future.
  • CloudNuro enables CFOs to support growth and agility while managing cash flows and helps them establish reasonable controls and guidelines


Persona: Procurement

There are innumerable good reasons companies are making the switch to SaaS. With SaaS adoption growing every day, handling frequent subscription renewals and contract negotiations with multiple SaaS vendors are only a few of the many challenges faced by procurement professionals.

The primary responsibility of every procurement team is to identify cost savings opportunities. However, this job becomes difficult (if not impossible) without knowledge and visibility of applications used within the organization.

  1. With contract renewals coming up frequently, there is little time for the procurement team to focus on strategy and consolidation.
  2. Without complete knowledge of applications that have been purchased by the organization, it is virtually impossible for the procurement team to anticipate renewals, often causing reactive decisions to be made, sometimes leading to unwanted renewals and suboptimal negotiations.
  3. It’s challenging for procurement to Identify SaaS cost savings opportunities primarily due to lack of visibility into their usage.

CloudNuro provides the data required for the Procurement team to make more informed decisions for renewals and contract negotiations.

  • CloudNuro provides insight into licence usage history for each application, allowing procurement teams to save cost by purchasing only the required number of licenses for future renewals
  • CloudNuro provides visibility into application usage, right up to the feature level allowing procurement to make cost-saving decisions such as moving users to a lower cost plan where possible.
  • CloudNuro’s subscription management feature allows procurement teams to track and plan renewals while focussing on strategy and consolidation.
  • CloudNuro provides centralized access to all invoices/ contracts from multiple Cloud Apps in a single place
  • CloudNuro can help identify duplicate SaaS purchases allowing procurement to undertake a consolidation exercise to save cost and simplify operations.