New-age CFO’s Face Several Challenges

Inefficient spend analysis

Growing cost of unused SaaS apps

Over provisioned licenses

No centralized tracking

Inefficient budgeting and forecasting

No visibility into SaaS inventory

CloudNuro Accurately Manages and Reports Spend On SaaS

Leverage SaaS Usage Insights

  • Wiser purchase decisions
  • Mandate cost optimization
  • Informed renewal negotiations

Smart Budget and Forecast

  • Plan the recurring expense streams
  • Plan and predict future spends
  • Manage cash flow effectively

Maximize Utilization and Accountability

  • Mandate consolidation of duplicate apps
  • Eliminate redundant/unutilized apps
  • Promote transparency and accountability

Analyze, Control and Predict SaaS Spends With
AI Enabled Financial Intelligence

Gain insight into application usage and cost to optimize your cloud spend.

Use smart predictions and accurate forecasting to plan and budget for the future.

View spend analytics by divisions or department to fix accountability and plug spending leaks.

First month free. No credit card required, no software to download.