CIO’s Face Numerous Challenges

SaaS Governance

Shadow IT risk

Suboptimal usage of SaaS inventory

Complexity in SaaS integration

Compliance, data and security risks

No visibility into SaaS apps

Cloudnuro Will Transform The Way
CIO’s Handle Their SaaS Footprint

Take Control Of IT Infrastructure

  • View your entire SaaS inventory
  • Identify duplicate, conflicting SaaS Apps
  • Discover sanctioned and un-sanctioned apps

Plug Spending Leaks

  • Identify under-utilized SaaS apps
  • Control costs by consolidating apps
  • Plan spends and budget accurately

Improve Compliance and Security

  • Enforce effective security policies
  • Centralize monitoring and reporting
  • Analyze compliance and regulation policies

Introducing CloudNuro – Streamline Your
Ever-growing SaaS Portfolio

Use AI to analyze SaaS apps and take control of your SaaS portfolio.

Identify unused and unutilized applications to plug recurring spend leakages.

Enforce effective security baselines, risk management, compliance and regulation policies.

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