IT Leaders Face Multitude of Challenges

Growing SaaS cost

Shadow IT risk

Rapid SaaS adoption rate

Resource intensive SaaS management

Establish SaaS Governance

Reactive approach to SaaS management

CloudNuro Will Change Your Reactive Approach to SaaS Management

Uncover Shadow IT

  • Gain full visibility of your SaaS apps
  • Resolve duplicates & phase-out unused apps
  • Update CMDB for better IT asset management

Establish SaaS Governance

  • Automate SaaS apps data integration
  • Gain Insight into SaaS adoption rate
  • Provision & Deprovision users on demand

Create Collaborative Teams

  • Gather team engagement insights
  • Get department wise usage report
  • Address sub-optimal usage of apps

Drive Positive Changes in Employee Engagement
with SaaS Applications

Gain valuable insights and plan purchase and renewals by collaborating effectively with business.

Identify opportunities to optimize application usage and improve employee efficiency.

Utilize application usage insights to allocate licences intelligently.

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