CloudNuro Platform

The number and type of users of SaaS products have increased rapidly in recent years. Though initially positioned as ideal for SMBs and startups, companies of all shapes and sizes find SaaS a palatable, affordable solution that empowers agility and digital transformation.

While this growth trend is likely to continue and bring in many opportunities for new-age businesses, such rapid SaaS proliferation also brings along with it its own set of challenges.

Without the right tools to manage the dispersed SaaS applications within the organization, rapid SaaS adoption can quickly result in a lack of control and visibility, adversely affecting the SaaS-powered workplaces with threats to data security, quality, and control.

The CloudNuro platform helps organizations optimize their SaaS workplace with its proprietary Arya – AI-powered SaaS management tool.

CloudNuro Platform for SaaS Management

The CloudNuro Platform helps organizations discover all SaaS apps used within the organization and, at the same time, manage, optimize and secure all of their SaaS subscriptions. The Platform allows organizations to minimize spend on unused and duplicate SaaS subscriptions, and maximize the utilization of all existing SaaS applications. The CloudNuro SaaS Management Platform can help organizations with the following use-cases:

SaaS Operations

CloudNuro provides visibility into the organization’s entire SaaS inventory from a single dashboard.

  • CloudNuro’s “Application Discovery” feature discovers all SaaS apps (sanctioned and unsanctioned) used within the organization.
  • CloudNuro keeps track of all SaaS subscriptions and fires real-time renewal notifications to ensure timely renewals.
  • CloudNuro provides insight into the usage of all the SaaS apps and provides IT Leadership, with the opportunity to identify unutilized and underutilized apps and plug any spend leakages.
  • All SaaS vendors can be managed directly from the CloudNuro central command centre.

SaaS Management

CloudNuro is an AI-Enabled Cloud platform that helps discover Shadow It applications, reduces Risk, Improve Security and Compliance, manages the licensing, onboarding, purchasing, renewals, and off-boarding of all the software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications within the organizations’ technology portfolio. 

  • Shadow IT is a broad term used to refer to any technology product used within an organization without approval from the IT department. Most IT departments are often unaware of the usage of one or more applications, either by individual employees or, in some cases, an entire line of business. The CloudNuro platform helps organizations uncover, analyze, and solve/mitigate any risks and spending leaks on account of shadow IT.
  • CloudNuro’s “Application Intelligence Engine” uses AI rules to analyze the organization’s application inventory and provides valuable insights, allowing businesses to identify duplicate and unused subscriptions. In addition, the feature allows business leaders to mandate, consolidation of duplicate apps and apps with similar features, thereby controlling costs.
  • CloudNuro’s approval-based controlled user access ensures security as defined in the organization’s access control policies. In addition, the feature ensures that confidential business data is accessible only to authorized personnel.
  • CloudNuro provides insight into license usage history and application usage, right up to the feature level, allowing procurement teams to optimize cost by purchasing only the required number of licenses with the lowest possible cost plans for future renewals. This increased visibility enables businesses to plan spends and accurately forecast and budget for the future.

Smart SaaS Integration

Along with a world-class SaaS operation management platform, CloudNuro provides a brilliant solution for integrating SaaS applications.

  • CloudNuro’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) cloud-based integration platform allows multiple SaaS applications to integrate and work together to achieve complex business goals.
  • CloudNuro simplifies the integration model for leading cloud-based applications, including industry-leading ERPs, HCM, and CRM systems through pre-built integration templates.
  • CloudNuro’s AI-driven integration platform automates repeated and low-level development activities of similar integration patterns, increasing reliability and efficiency.
  • CloudNuro’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) cloud-based integration platform is deployed on the Open Cloud Platform and is 100% API based.

SaaS Security

CloudNuro’s SaaS Operation management platform is designed to provide complete visibility of the organizations’ SaaS inventory. In addition, it functions as a central command point for all SaaS governance, management, and security needs. 

  • CloudNuro’s SaaS Ops services allow user/access monitoring of SaaS apps ensuring access security. For example, left untracked, some employees may be able to retain access to sensitive business data through their own SaaS subscriptions long after they’ve left the company. CloudNuro helps plug these security risks in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • CloudNuro alerts enterprises when it encounters suspicious pattern usage, thereby plugging potential security threats.
  • CloudNuro’s AI-Enabled platform continuously monitors the network for discovering shadow IT applications and systems that may cause potential data security risks.
  • CloudNuro can report on application usage by department, allowing for increased transparency and accountability.
  • CloudNuro helps enforce effective Security Baselines, Risk Management policies, and Compliance and Regulation policies.

Smart SaaS Insights

CloudNuro’s smart SaaS insights enable IT leaders to get the most out of their SaaS portfolio. These actionable insights allow them to achieve the following easily and cost-effectively.

  • Monitor application usage and track spend by applications, users, and departments for increased transparency and accountability.
  • Track and plan renewals while focussing on strategy and consolidation.
  • Track application usage, right up to the feature level providing valuable information to negotiate renewal contracts effectively.
  • Understand recurring expense streams, renewal schedules, invoicing, and contract details from a single dashboard.
  • Define an effective cost management strategy, the plan spends, and accurately predict costs using CloudNuro’s AI capability.