CloudNuro Value Proposition

Simplify SaaS Governance

CloudNuro is a powerful SaaS discovery, management, and optimization platform which helps businesses track financial, and contract details for all SaaS deployed across an enterprise from a single interactive dashboard. This enables businesses to make SaaS optimization, contract management, and cost efficiency decisions while minimizing the impact on business performance.

Control SaaS Usage

CloudNuro provides businesses with greater control and visibility over their SaaS portfolios. IT teams can gain insight into SaaS application usage by users and departments. These usage insights can help address issues with sub-optimal usage of apps and identify duplicate and conflicting apps. IT teams can leverage these insights to explore optimization of costs by consolidation or cancellation where necessary. CloudNuro also supports on-demand provisioning and de-provisioning of users to optimize licences.

Optimize SaaS Spends

CloudNuro’s smart SaaS insights enable IT leaders to get the most out of their SaaS portfolio. These actionable insights allow them to monitor application usage and track spend by applications, users, and departments for increased transparency and accountability. These insights can also be used to track and plan renewals. Application usage insights can be leveraged to negotiate renewal contracts effectively.

Replace Manual Tracking

CloudNuro helps businesses replace the complex and error-prone process of managing SaaS assets on spreadsheets with a best in the class intuitive, integrated platform which allows users to view the entire SaaS inventory in one place and allows them to manage the entire SaaS life cycle from deployment to retirement from a single command centre.

Empower IT teams

Previously, software purchases were typically made through lengthy formal purchasing processes involving the IT teams in every such purchase. However, since acquiring tech tools has become easy, the problem of bloat and loss of control in enterprise IT has also emerged. On average, enterprises could be using hundreds of services across various business functions, many of which may be underutilized or even unnecessary. The IT teams are typically unaware of many of these subscriptions.

CloudNuro helps IT admins uncover un-sanctioned applications and gain complete visibility and control of the entire SaaS Inventory, resolve duplicates & phase-out unused apps and update the configuration management database for better IT asset management.

Secure SaaS Portfolio

CloudNuro can perform functions similar to security tools, especially around access management. The platforms is designed to provide complete visibility and function as central command points for all SaaS governance, management, and security needs. It allows user/access monitoring of SaaS apps, ensuring access security. For example, left untracked, some employees may be able to retain access sensitive business through their own SaaS subscriptions long after they’ve left the company. CloudNuro helps plug these security risks in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The platform also helps address security and data privacy issues by discovering Shadow It applications, allowing businesses to take corrective measures and reduce risk and improve security and compliance.