Mask Group

SaaS Operations

  • Automated cloud discovery
  • Cloud application catalogue
  • Real-time renewal notifications
  • Active applications and trends
  • Vendor management

SaaS Management

  • Shadow IT-analyze causes, symptoms and cures
  • Identify duplicate subscriptions
  • Unify subscriptions
  • Approval based controlled user access
  • Cost optimization and spend management

Smart SaaS Integration

  • Integration templates leading SaaS applications
  • Deployed on Open Cloud Platform
  • AI-enabled integration
  • 100% API-enabled

SaaS Security

  • Security and compliance for cloud applications
  • Alert threats based on the suspicious usage
  • Alert renewal with simplified contract process
  • Gain transparency by users and departments
  • Prevent breach caused by unsanctioned applications

Smart SaaS Insights

  • Spend by applications, users and departments
  • Identify and categorize cloud application expenses
  • Applications pre-vetting and streamline buying
  • Insight to subscription renewals
  • Predictive analysis & forecasting with AI